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Testimonials from Our Clients

Rick Holcomb - Lincoln Property Company

The level of personal attention we receive from CUBS is unbeatable. Scott Rawley's attention to our needs and his assistance in all of our transitions and implementations has made a large impact on our ability to service our clients with upmost care.

Jana Nunn - Fusion Property Management

CUBS provides savings and service performance solutions built around a cutting-edge utility cost recovery program, ultimately increasing NOI.

Marc Raskulinecz - CORE Realty Holdings

CUBS' new Partner Program has increased our NOI performance, as well as improved our on-site efficiency and productivity levels.

Dean Kopp - Aspen Square Management

The accuracy ratio of CUBS billing exceeds 99.8%, increased our recovery and saves our site staff valuable time.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Image showing apartment community Although CUBS is regionally focused on the special needs of utility billing in the Southwest, our reputation, expertise in billing operations and project management extends to other states.


When a national multifamily management company decided to purchase its own billing software for its projects in Texas, it called CUBS to handle the set-up, conversion and implementation of these properties from a national billing company to the in-house solution. The project was substantial, including challenging student housing unit configurations and well as a full integration to the management company's property management software.


Based on the success of the original conversion, the management company engaged CUBS to convert from yet another national billing company. In addition, CUBS is working with the company on the back end processing for an additional 36 communities. Experience where it counts.


CUBS alerted a new sub-metered community in lease-up that there seemed to be low or missing readings in the master meters. The community immediately notified the utility provider. After many months of confusing and misdirected attempts by the utility provider to remedy the issue, CUBS was asked to intervene to help resolve the issue between the community and the utility provider.


Upon a complete review of the building plans, permit documents, site visits and consultation with the field office of the utility, CUBS was able to provide guidance to the community and the utility provider, ultimately resolving a billing error.
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Industry Expertise

Legislative and Regulatory Watch

Image showing definition of legislative CUBS represents your interests at Federal, State and Local levels. We understand the importance of being politically responsible and engaged in shaping the business environment.

Industry Involvement

CUBS is actively involved in Trade Associations at Federal, State and Local levels. We understand the important contribution that vendors and suppliers make to professional organizations in the Multifamily & Apartment industry.

Service Area

Serving Clients Nationwide

Image showing United States showing each State

  • Alabama: AL
  • Alaska: AK
  • Arizona: AZ
  • Arkansas: AR
  • California: CA
  • Colorado: CO
  • Connecticut: CT
  • Delaware: DE
  • Florida: FL
  • Georgia: GA
  • Hawaii: HI
  • Idaho: ID
  • Illinois: IL
  • Indiana: IN
  • Iowa: IA
  • Kansas: KS
  • Kentucky: KY
  • Louisiana: LA
  • Maine: ME
  • Maryland: MD
  • Massachusetts: MA
  • Michigan: MI
  • Minnesota: MN
  • Mississippi: MS
  • Missouri: MO
  • Montana: MT
  • Nebraska: NE
  • Nevada: NV
  • New Hampshire: NH
  • New Jersey: NJ
  • New Mexico: NM
  • New York: NY
  • North Carolina: NC
  • North Dakota: ND
  • Ohio: OH
  • Oklahoma: OK
  • Oregon: OR
  • Pennsylvania: PA
  • Rhode Island: RI
  • South Carolina: SC
  • South Dakota: SD
  • Tennessee: TN
  • Texas: TX
  • Utah: UT
  • Vermont: VT
  • Virginia: VA
  • Washington: WA
  • West Virginia: WV
  • Wisconsin: WI
  • Wyoming: WY

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