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Who We Are

Introduction and Overview

Community Utility Billing Services (CUBS) is a utility submetering and billing company that specializes in submetering and allocation of water, gas and electric utilities throughout the United States. In response to rising utility costs, the Multifamily Ancillary Group formed California Utility Billing Services in June of 2007 to address specific issues in the Utility Cost Recovery business. We found that local billing companies often lacked the resources needed to perform billing services for larger clients while the existing national providers rarely understood all of the local nuances that were essential to maximizing programs in the California region. Our cost recovery plan quickly gained recognition outside California and soon it was time for a name change.

In 2010, we changed from California Utility Billing Services to Community Utility Billing Services, reflecting the broadened geographical scope of multiple regions. Although our business was born in California, we wanted to apply our regional mode of capabilities and services to benefit management companies and residents everywhere.

CUBS now ranks as one of the nation's leading providers for utility billing, cost monitoring, payment processing, comprehensive reporting and complete training programs with unparalleled customer service.

From start to finish, you can count on a seamless, integrated utility billing process. We will provide excellent recapture rates and unparalleled resident satisfaction supported by a bi-lingual call center.
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Why Us?

Why Partner with Us?

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Services Customized for your Community

Community Utility Billing (CUBS) has experts available to answer any questions on your community and design the "right" solution for you. With a variety of services, including submetering, RUBS, billing, utility expense management, analysis and consulting, meter maintenance, regulatory support and utility conversation programs, we are able to provide customized solutions to meet your community's needs.

Resident Support

Resident Support and Unparalleled Customer Service

Imagine, the phone ringing and a live person is available to assist your residents! We pride ourselves on providing our "World Class Services" to your residents and can guarantee that 90% of all incoming calls will wait only 14 seconds, in industry record! A friendly, live person is on the other end and happy to assist with any questions. Don't take our word for it, call our toll-free customer service line at (888) 702-2827 and see for yourself. Additionally, over 80% of our resident communication is handled by our automated account information systems, which in turn reduces on-site staff interaction.
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Corporate Support

Corporate Support

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An extensive, knowledgeable background in property management helps us serve your corporate needs immediately with excellent results. We recognize the different needs of your communities and are available to your corporate staff for any questions. A dedicated Sales and National Account Manager is available to answer your questions and resolve issues.

Full Support and Services

Our commitment is to provide solutions for your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We specialize in identifying all of a community's every increasing utility costs, allocating them through formulaic equations or sub-metering and creating individual resident bills.

Our Team

Experienced Professionals Working for You

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Our team has over a century of experience in the areas that define success for a billing program:

  • 30+ years - Multifamily Management
  • 15+ years - Regional Utilities
  • 12+ years - Customer Service
  • 50+ years - Utility Cost Recovery Programs

We know how multifamily communities operate, the complexities of utility rates and billing systems, and the value you and your residents place on customer service.

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